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Our Trustees

Camden Community Law Centre (CCLC) is a membership organisation. People can apply to become members and get involved in the life of the Law Centre.


We also have a Management Committee made up of members who have been elected to become volunteer trustees. Trustees are elected/re-elected at Camden Community Law Centre’s Annual General Meeting and meet as Camden Community Law Centre’s Management Committee meets around six times a year.


Trustees on the Management Committee set the Law Centre’s strategic direction and hold Law Centre staff accountable for legal and financial decisions being made.


Trustees on the Management Committee are also required to ensure that the Law Centre’s accounts are independently audited and filed with the Charities Commission by the end of each financial year.


The following people were elected CCLC trustees for the period 2017-18:


John Cowley

Manuela Grayson (Chair)

Koula Ioannou (Treasurer)

Angela Mason

Sandi Mather

John Oke

Rowena Herdman-Smith

Sarah Scott

Derek Wood QC