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About the Community Law Centre

Who we are


Camden Community Law Centre is a charity that opened in 1973 with a mission to make a positive impact on people’s lives, especially the most vulnerable and socially excluded. We do this by providing free and independent legal advice and representation to people living, working and studying in the London Borough of Camden. We are a member of the Law Centres Network.



What we do


Camden Community Law Centre’s solicitors, caseworkers, and volunteers provide and deliver free and independent legal advice, assistance and representation in housing, welfare benefits, asylum, immigration, and employment law matters.


Camden Community Law Centre is regulated by


The Charities Commission

The Solicitors Regulation Authority

The Law Society


How we are governed


Camden Community Law Centre is a membership organisation. People can apply to become members and get involved in the life of the Law Centre. We also have a board of directors made up of members who have been elected to become volunteer trustees. Trustees are elected/re-elected at Camden Community Law Centre’s Annual General Meeting and meet as Camden Law Centre’s Management Committee around six times a year.


Trustees on the Management Committee set the Law Centre’s strategic direction and hold Law Centre staff accountable for legal and financial decisions being made.


Trustees on the Management Committee are also required to ensure that the Law Centre’s accounts are independently audited and filed with the Charities Commission by the end of each financial year.


How we are funded


Camden Community Law Centre is funded through legal aid, a mixture of local authority and charitable foundation grants and private client work.




If you are unhappy about the advice you have received at Camden Community Law Centre and wish to make a complaint, please see our Complaints Procedure.